Rodrigo Vitta

Rodrigo Vitta, was born in Sao Paulo - Brazil. It did master's degree in Semiotics in the PUC and graduate in Composition for the FAAM. It already conducted the Philharmonic Orchestra of Montevideo, Brazilian Orchestra of Blows, Symphonic Band of Ribeirão Pires, Symphonic Band of Cubatão, Philharmonic Orchestra Metropolitana, Orchestra LyricSur and Camerata Vitta.

Between other important works, it developed the musical direction and regency of the shows of dance “Ágape“ (music of Tchaikovsky) and the “Quartet for the End of Times” (Olivier Messian) with the company Ballet Sopro, of the “Series Concertante” with the special participation of soloist: Violinists Susana Salas (Venezuela) and Elina Suris (Russia), the quartet of guitars “Quaternaglia“ (Brazil), Soprano Rita Contino (Uruguay), Pianists Regina Schlochauer and Gilberto Matté (Brazil), the Contrabass Alexandre Rosa (OSESP-Brazil).
It was an arranger, musical director and regent of the concerts “The Great Journey” and Travel “The Flight of the Seagull” of the composer Flavio Romano Scognamiglio, carving of this last one a "CD" in 2008.
Like composer his musical works were interpreted by orchestras of renown and his Symphonies were awarded a prize in the National Competition of Composition, carried in Recife – Brazil; in the National Competition of Composition for Symphonic Band of the State of São Paulo – Brazil and in the National Competition of Composition Claudio Santoro organized by the Brazilian Academy of Music and Orchestra Petrobrás Pro-Música. Some of his compositions are being published by the Brazilian Music Publications.
In 2002 it recorded and published his work for piano “Series of Brazilian Fruits I”, what was interpreted in the Biennial one of Music of the Rio de Janerio – Brazil in 2004. His musicians “Sonata“ and “Brazilian Landscape nº 4” for quartet of guitars was it recorded for the Quaternaglia in the CD “Presence“, it already composed several musicians for works of theater and for a movie short “To the 7, to the 3, e to the 11”.


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