Lucidio Quintero Simanca

Lucidio Quintero Simanca, was born on July 15th 1961 in Maracaibo, Venezuela. He started his musical training at the early age of 10 under his father’s supervision, who instructed him in the basics of clarinet, musical theory and solfege. In 1972 he joined the band of Cuartel de Bomberos in Maracaibo as a clarinet player under the instruction of Gregorio Garrido and Elías Núñez. He started formal clarinet and musical language studies at the Conservatorio José Luis Paz in 1975 under the instruction of Félix Mozo Núñez and Giuseppe Terencio. He would alternate his studies at the conservatory with orchestral practice with the Youth Symphonic Orchestras Program in Zulia, Venezuela. In 1977 he auditioned for a position in the Simón Bolívar concert band where he became concert master. He starts piano and harmony studies with Renzo Salvetti who works with him over 10 years until he concludes his studies in Musical Composition.

In 1990 he joined the Conservatorio José Luis Paz as a harmony professor where he begins an important teaching career and in 1991 starts studies on modern harmony and new compositional tendencies with Gerry Weill in Caracas, Venezuela. In 1990 he was chosen by the Latin American Band and Ensemble Association to attend the first Latin American Seminar on Orchestral Conducting in La Asunción, Paraguay with the guidance of professors from Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. He continues conducting studies with Eduardo Rhan, conductor of the Maracaibo Symphonic Orchestra.
In 1992 he won the National Band Composition Award offered by the Consejo Nacional de Cultura (CONAC) with his piece El Vals de los Sueños and was chosen under audition as principal conductor of the Simón Bolívar concert band. In 1993 he was awarded once again with the National Band Composition Award with his symphonic poem Bolívar and the Chamber Music Institute in New Hampshire University premiers his wind quintet Acrópolis.In 1994 the Maracaibo Symphonic Orchestra premiers his suite El Lago in the celebration of the Ecologic and Advertisement Conference Tormenta Creativa, where he is awarded by Zulia’s Government the Relámpago del Catatumbo decoration in recognition of his outstanding work as a conductor of the Simón Bolívar concert band, as a teacher and as a composer.
In 1995 he received recognition from the Consejo Nacional de Cultura in the National Composition Contest of Venezuelan Music for his piano piece Siempre Dama. In 1996 and 1997 the Department of Musical Arts in CONAC chose him to be a member of the jury of the National Composition Contest and the Department of Culture in Zulia chose him as Dean of the Conservatorio José Luís Paz. In 1998 he became the official arranger and composer of the Maracaibo Symphonic Orchestra and received a request from the Academia saxophone quartet to compose a piece which was premiered later on in Italy. In that same year, his Triptych for flute and piano Suite Zuliana was premiered in Germany by Huascar Barradas. In 2001 he was awarded by the municipality of Maracaibo the Orden de Ciudad de Maracaibo in recognition for his work spreading out Zulian music.


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