Jeremy S. Adams

Jeremy S. Adams, born in Lakeland, Florida, in 1990, Jeremy began his musical studies at a young age, learning piano from his mother. Throughout his musical career Jeremy has always seencomposition as the main focus and ultimate goal of his studies.  

In 2008 he entered the University of Central Florida as a Jazz Studies Major focusing on Bass Guitar; it was here that he learned the complexities of jazz harmony and improvisation, a crucial facet of his compositional process. It was also through playing bass that he fell in love with the rhythms from Latin America, these infectious rhythms have a way of working themselves into his music on an almost subliminal level. In 2010 he began studying composition exclusively and since then has won several awards for his works. He believes that music should both excite and challenge the performers as well as the audience. Through his work he hopes to not only bring a fresh perspective on instrumental composition but also to open the eyes and ears of his audience to sounds and techniques that are typically deemed “unapproachable” to the typical audience member.


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